Join Imgur in the fight against animal cruelty and overpopulation!

Not all of the world’s animals have it as good as the beloved pets we see online every day. There are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.S, and only about 3 million are adopted from shelters each year. Know what this means? Nearly half of all animals that arrive in U.S. shelters are euthanized because there is a lack of space and adopters. We wish we could adopt every animal that needs a loving home, but since we can’t, we’re doing the next best thing--Imgur is adopting the SF SPCA!


Throughout the month of December, Imgur & SPCA will be bringing adorable, heartwarming, educational and otherwise excellent pet-based content to User Submitted. We admire the SF SPCA's great work in saving animal lives, providing top-notch facilities, supporting & educating the local community, and we hope to inspire Imgurians to donate to this important cause.This is huge--if everyone visiting Imgur this month donated $1, we could contribute $140 million!


For more information on why Imgur loves the SF SPCA, check out our first post in the gallery now.


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